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Collytown Therapy Ponies

Therapy Ponies

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Therapy Ponies

Therapeutic Interactions With Very Special Ponies

For more information, please see our dedicated Therapy Ponies website at

Both adults and children for so many reasons can benefit from an interaction with our calm & friendly ponies.

Animals are known to offer major therapeutic benefits to people of all ages but especially for those with poor mobility, co-ordination, partially sighted or who suffer from depression, anxiety or have learning difficulties.
Horses being intuitive animals are able to read and respond to the emotions of the people around them.
The benefits of interactions with therapy animals are now being recognised by growing numbers of specialists.

Click on the link above to visit our dedicated website for more information and pictures of our ponies at work.

Therapy Ponies

Therapy Ponies

Our ponies are available to visit & go inside settings or Residential/Care Homes (even visiting individual bedrooms!) spreading love and happiness to all they meet.

Alternatively visit them at our beautiful and tranquil therapy centre for a more personal experience of Assisted Equine Therapy surrounded by stunning countryside ~ take some time to enjoy the peace & serenity while interacting with the wonderful ponies that are making such a positive difference to so many lives.

Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions
Equine Assisted Therapy offers a unique way of overcoming personal issues, past traumas & life challenges with a guided interaction with our ponies situated in a spectacular breath-taking rural setting.
Equine Assisted Therapy can help if you suffer from any of the following:

•Lack of Confidence
•Imbalanced Emotions
•Unfulfillment in Life

Please get in touch for further information.

All interactions are tailored to specific needs, please contact us to discuss yours:

Chamaine Blamey
Collytown Therapy Ponies
01822 840066 / 07890 023063


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